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on your pregnancy, Why not have a Postnatal Doula to support you through those early weeks?


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Ofsted registered Postnatal Doula covering North and Central London and Surrounding Areas


(All London areas considered)

Postnatal doula hourly rate:

Daytime rate: £25 per hour

A £50 deposit will secure your place.


Holding Tummy

Angela Brown Postnatal Doula

My name is Angela Brown, I live in East Barnet with my husband and three sons.  I have always worked in the ''Care'' profession, be it Sole Charge Nannying, Ofsted Registered Childminder and Midwifery support in a Hospital setting.


I am a warm, grounded person who likes keeping life simple. I like to normalise a stressful situation, I believe all things can be worked through no matter how big or how small.


My aim as a Postnatal Doula is to empower the mother, help build her confidence and encourage her to tune in to her natural instincts.


"During This Amazing journey into parenthood, you may find you have unsteady times. I could be your stabilisers just to get you up and running confidently".

Angela Brown

Baby Room

Postnatal Service Offered

I will come and visit you at home, we can have a chat about how your birth went, how feeding is going, handling your new baby and how I can help you as a Postnatal Doula.


I'm there for what you need, which can be changed with each visit, As a dedicated Postnatal Doula you are my priority. I am there to support you and your whole family.


In general I provide you with the time to heal and recharge, Feeding support, Time to bond with and enjoy your new baby.

Whatever you need I will be there to support you.

I am a dedicated Postnatal Doula you can rely on, I am Ofsted registered and fully insured with Morton Michel, with full police check (DBS) and have paediatric first aid training and many years of care experience, I am registered with Doula UK and was trained by Younique Postnatal.


I am Certified and trained in the following:

  • Breast feeding support

  • Paediatric First aid

  • Anatomy and physiology Level 3

  • Safeguarding children

  • Safeguarding Adults

  • Younique Postnatal Doula preparation course

  • Loving the multiple mama’s course (Twin training)

  • Understanding reflux

  • Child protection training

  • Understanding newborn workshop

  • Postnatal planning

  • Twins and more workshop (Twin training)




“Angela manged to instil confidence in my wife and brightened up our home with her happy uplifting character. Cannot imagine how we would have coped in those early months without her”

From Knightsbridge

“I would recommend Ange to anyone. She is down-to-earth, open minded, kind and very experienced. She gave me the kind of practical advice and support I really needed when trying to establish breastfeeding and deal with conflicting advice from midwives and health visitors. She was great company and made me laugh when I really needed it. Her support was particularly valuable as I am a single mother and was struggling with breastfeeding after a c section, with a baby with jaundice and above average weight loss after birth. Without the benefit of a partner, it was invaluable to have Ange there to listen to my concerns and to discuss options in an open minded way. In the end I successfully established breastfeeding.”

From Elephant and Castle

“Ange has been a great help to me emotionally. I didn't really expect to need a lot of emotional support, but I needed more than i had expected. She is always upbeat and I felt a sense of relief each morning as she arrived. I was able to talk through any issues worrying me and she gave me advice when I asked for it, but never pushed me in one childcare direction, just gently guiding me. I think emotional support is one of Ange's key strengths.”

From South Hampstead

"Angie lifted my spirits in some of my toughest nights with my new born. She is real, genuine, caring and experienced. Her knowledge provided comfort and she taught me quickly to deal with facts and not let the worries in my head grow out of control. Angie also helped without being asked, she sterilised, tidied, organised and took control so that I got rest I needed and put routine around expressing, feeding and looking after myself. Angie is always at the end of the phone and made me howl laughing and comfort me when I cried. On top of all of this her flexibility is what every mum needs and many aren’t able to find. I look forward to bringing Angie into future stages of my daughters life when I need help or guidance through them."

From Muswell Hill

"I met a number of doulas on my hunt for one to support me post birth. I got a good vibe from Ange within 2 minutes of meeting her and my instincts were right. Ange was so helpful in those early weeks. Non judgemental, reassuring, helpful and ultimately caring. She was wonderful on all levels and I’d highly recommend her."

From Finchley

"Angie had looked after me and my two sons in 2017 and more recently. She is a brilliant doula: an excellent carer, very gentle and sweet with my babies and very perceptive - Angie helped me understand my sons’ needs and gave me excellent tips for breastfeeding and for improving their sleep."

From Hampstead

Mobile: 07939925231


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